Best Squint Treatment using vision therapy and surgical management to preserve binocular vision


This clinic focuses on early detection & appropriate treatment modality for the correction of eye problems like Squint or Strabismus & AmblyopiaWe see and appreciate the beauty of the world in 3-D (3-dimensional mode) largely due to normally aligned eyes leading to depth perception.

Misalignment of the eyes is ‘Squint’ or Strabismus in medical terminology leads to defects in vision ranging from difficulty in focussing leading to double vision, loss of depth perception and lazy eye syndrome or ‘Amblyopia’ to another extreme when the eye is functionally blind (because brain ignores the eye signals) based on the age of the patient and duration of such misalignment.

As squint is caused by an imbalance in the complexly controlled external eye muscles, squint may appear at any age, but commonly affects children due to the neglected periodic eye examination. Because amblyopia, affecting half of strabismus patients, can be irreversible, every effort should be done for early detection and management.

The majority of 3D vision develops up to 02 years of age. Therefore it is prudent to get the eyes checked by experienced eye specialists, so as to rule out intermittent squint and pseudo-squint, and do early intervention for a child to develop normal vision. Even if detected late, possible corrections can be done to retain as close to normal vision as possible. So better late than never.

The goals of therapy are to:

  • Preserve Vision

  • Straighten Eyes

  • Restore Binocular Vision

Therefore, squint management is to

  • Establish diagnosis using symptoms and signs such as cover uncover test, fly test.

  • Establish the cause of squint and rule out the possibility of conditions like childhood cataracts, thyroid diseases, brain conditions etc.

  • Counsel parents/ guardians for the need for therapy requiring multiple interventions and continuous support for treatment.

  • Establish a line of management such as Optical Medical management and vision therapy Surgical treatment.

  • Social acceptance for ‘crossed eye’, glasses etc. among patients to retain self-confidence and growth.

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