A Family of Clinics For The Whole Family Needs

My Family Clinics is rapidly emerging as the best polyclinic in Faridabad serving varied patient needs in an organised manner.

We offer the highest standard diagnosis, therapy, and rehabilitative modern facilities.

Our approaches to the patient include professional care with high standards of ethics and quality care, ensuring warm and comprehensive attention to deal with health challenges to balance out preventive and curative treatment. Currently, we are serving the following patient categories.

Eye (Ophthalmology): A complete eye hospital service with the reflexes of the clinic

Physician: A personalized approach to meet health Challenges and Needs

Dentistry: A Comprehensive approach to overall Oral Health

Homoeopathy: A trusted non Allopathic management of the diseases

Other ancillary services: Plethora of other clinical services to assist better living especially healing at home and adult and child vaccinations

My Family Clinics Location

B-6, Ground Floor, Greenfield Colony, Faridabad

All Days
9am - 9pm

+91-88 60 88 88 86